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What is Verification?

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Users can voluntarily have their ID verified using FCA level identity checks (as used by banks and building societies) to prove that they are who they say they are. Users submit personal information that is checked against several independent databases and datasources. Those who pass will automatically have the Verification Tick displayed on their adverts. Verification is available both for those with a room to let and those looking, so look out for the tick on both "Rooms for Rent" and "Rooms Wanted" adverts.

Why is verification needed?

SpareRoom already protects you against the fake landlord and tenant scams that plague most other websites, both filtering out scams before they can get on the site and warning users should the occasional one slip through the net. So for the most part, verification isn't essential, but it does give you that extra level of confidence when dealing with people you don't know on the net.

How do I get verified on SpareRoom?

The service is just £4.99 and verification lasts 12 months. Get Verified Now

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