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How to find student accommodation

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How to find what you're looking for

There are several ways to use Student SpareRoom depending on what it is you're trying to find. Whether you're looking for a room, a whole property or people to share with, you have a couple of options:

Search by university or college

Select your college or university on the homepage then choose one of the following options:

  • Rooms for rent - to find a single room
  • Property to rent - to find a whole property
  • Rooms wanted - to find people who are looking for a room
  • Buddy ups - to find people to join together and share with

Then click 'search' - simple

Search by area or postcode

To do this simply go to the browse accommodation page and enter an area or postcode for your search under 'where'. Select an option as above and click 'go'. If you want to search in more detail go to the advanced search page where you can search by a whole host of options

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